The Logic of Sense incorporated to the notion of Inquiry as an Orientation for Learning: two classroom experiences

  • Gonzalo Camacho Vásquez Universidad del Tolima
Keywords: Experimentation, Innovation, Inquiry for learning, Logic of Sense


A reflection about two classroom experiences is presented in the attempt to incorporate the Logic of Sense into the notion of inquiry for learning. The author used the method of Experimentation introduced by Deleuze and Guattari, who based its principles on philosophical conceptions by Baruch Spinoza. The first experience is conducted with students from the subject called Reading and Speaking workshop from the BA in English Teaching at Tolima University. The researcher designed a reading protocol which, in an initial stage, allowed students to comprehend the texts assigned for the class. Afterward, this protocol enabled students to reach levels of application and evaluation through the formulation of questions based on the Series of the Logic of Sense. The second experience was carried out with students from the Masters in English Didactics from the same University. The same reading protocol format was used; but, this time the questions constructed let students envision perspectives in the design of new curricular proposals.

Author Biography

Gonzalo Camacho Vásquez, Universidad del Tolima

Gonzalo Camacho Vásquez is full-time teacher at Universidad del Tolima. He holds a BA in Language Teaching and a MA in Education. He has been as an English instructor and Teacher trainer for more than 12 years. He participated as an Exchange teacher in the United States with Visiting International Faculty Program (VIF PROGRAM). His areas of interest are Foreign Language Teaching Didactics, Critical Thinking and Philosophy of Education.

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Camacho Vásquez, G. (2017). The Logic of Sense incorporated to the notion of Inquiry as an Orientation for Learning: two classroom experiences. GIST – Education and Learning Research Journal, (14), 88-106.
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