Implementing critical literacy in A1 undergraduate students

  • Fredy Giraldo Universidad de Ibagué, Colombia
Keywords: Journals, teaching history, critical literacy, reading comprehension, peer observation


The aim of this article is to analyze the current teaching practices utilized with undergraduate students at Universidad de Ibagué, who are required to complete Reading Comprehension coursework to obtain their professional degree. Two different methods for Critical Literacy proposed by Clarke and Whitney, and McLaughlin and DeVoogd, are used as examples for piloting and implementation stages respectively. Two different groups belonging to the same level were chosen to perform the activities during the second academic year of 2017. The collected data was analyzed using Grounded Thoery procedures. Results showed that critical literacy is not a task that has been well developed at the Language Center. Therefore, the author suggests that teacher education in the area of Critical Literacy should be implemented in pedagogical training.


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Author Biography

Fredy Giraldo, Universidad de Ibagué, Colombia

Fredy Giraldo has a B.A. in Biology and Chemistry, is a Specialist in Translation English - Spanish, and is a candidate for the title as a magister in English Didactics at Universidad del Tolima. Fredy, a former ICETEX Scholar in France, is a Professor at Universidad de Ibague at the Language Center and at Universidad del Tolima. He has written articles, essays, and a course book on reading comprehension.

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Giraldo, F. (2018). Implementing critical literacy in A1 undergraduate students. GIST – Education and Learning Research Journal, (16), 100-116.
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