Task-based Learning and Language Proficiency in a Business University


  • Amelia Chloe Caroline Newsom-Ray Universidad EAN
  • Sarah Jane Rutter Universidad EAN




Task-Based Learning (TBL), Business English, Case Studies, ESL, TESOL, Task Sequencing


This project adds to the growing body of empirical research focusing on the effects of task-based learning (TBL) on second language acquisition. Through the design and implementation of two business English case studies, in which learning was scaffolded through a sequence of tasks, the authors argue that a TBL approach to language teaching more effectively engages students and promotes greater oral language proficiency than traditional approaches. The authors argue that guiding students to utilise and combine their existing knowledge and skills with vocabulary and structures presented in class to solve case study problems has the potential to result in greater student confidence and, subsequently, greater language proficiency. Nevertheless, various factors can significantly reduce the successfulness of TBL in this context, including disparate learner profiles in cultural and business knowledge, life experiences, motivation, as well as constraints in terms of time and institutional assessment.


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Author Biographies

Amelia Chloe Caroline Newsom-Ray, Universidad EAN

Amelia Chloe Caroline Newsom-Ray holds a Masters of Science in Psychosocial Studies and a BA (Honours) in Applied Psychology and Criminology from the University of Brighton. She is currently teaching ESL in the United Arab Emirates.

Sarah Jane Rutter, Universidad EAN

Sarah Jane Rutter earned her Masters of Teaching with a focus on TESOL and LOTE from Deakin University, Australia in 2011. She also holds a BA from The University of Melbourne and certificate Iv in Training and Assessment from Box Hill TAFE. She has worked in a variety of language teaching roles, including teaching positions at universities, language institutes, refugee centres, technical and further education (TAFE) and high schools. Sarah is currently teaching Business English at a university in Bogotá, Colombia.



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Newsom-Ray, A. C. C., & Rutter, S. J. (2016). Task-based Learning and Language Proficiency in a Business University. GIST – Education and Learning Research Journal, (13), 93–110. https://doi.org/10.26817/16925777.314



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