Effects Of Genre Based Approach (GBA) In EFL Reading Comprehension And Writing

Keywords: GBA, genre awareness, reading comprehension, writing, autonomy


The present paper puts under examination the effects of Genre Based Approach (GBA) on 9th grade students from a city in the Caribbean coast of Colombia. The study has the purpose of analyzing how GBA affects reading comprehension and writing. We implemented GBA for six sessions using instruments for data collection that included tests, questionnaires and interviews. The overall findings show that students’ reading comprehension, writing, motivation and autonomy improve after the implementation of GBA; as a result, the students were able to understand, explain and recreate the genres that were part of the study.



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Author Biography

Sindy Johana Montero-Arévalo, Universidad Popular del Cesar, Colombia

M.A In English Language teaching from Universidad del Norte and Modern Languages Teacher from Universidad Popular del Cesar. Teacher and tutor for local English programs for public and private universities. She has worked at Pearson, an international publishing house, as a teacher and she also has developed diverse projects related to technological resources.


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