Using the Abridged Version of Some Novels as a Way to Encourage Students' Written and Oral Production

  • Gladis Leonor Arias Rodríguez Universidad Santo Tomás, Colombia
  • Eliana Edith Roberto Flórez Universidad Santo Tomás, Colombia
Keywords: action research, abridged novels, listening exercise, written and oral practice


This article analyzes the effect of working with the abridged version of some novels in order to promote students’ communication in English. Two fourth semester English courses, from a private university, were randomly chosen to develop the different activities during one semester. The data was collected through students’ written papers, the researchers’ journal and a questionnaire. The findings show that students’ constant work with this kind of literature, as well as the teachers’ feedback, were factors that motivated their language use improvement; thus, they learned new expressions, did written and oral training, and acquired knowledge thanks to the contact with other cultures through literature.

Author Biographies

Gladis Leonor Arias Rodríguez, Universidad Santo Tomás, Colombia

holds a M.A. in Language Teaching from Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia (UPTC) and M.A. in Pedagogy at Universidad Santo Tomas (USTA). She has experience in teaching English from primary to higher education. Her latest investigations have been in literacy, literature, curriculum, strategies for teaching general and ESP English, and stereotypes. She is currently editor of the Shimmering Words E-magazine, full time teacher and researcher at USTA in the “Expedicionarios Humanistas” group.

Eliana Edith Roberto Flórez, Universidad Santo Tomás, Colombia

holds a MA in Language Teaching from Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia. Currently, she is a full time teacher at Universidad Santo Tomás in Tunja. She has supported the teaching process of English since 2005. Besides, she is recognized as a Junior researcher by Colciencias, she has been working in different areas of study and belong to “Expedicionarios Humanistas” research group categorized in B by Colciencias, and she is co-editor of the Shimmering Words E-magazine. Her goal is to help students’ learning process of English according to their academic needs.

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Arias Rodríguez, G. L., & Roberto Flórez, E. E. (2018). Using the Abridged Version of Some Novels as a Way to Encourage Students’ Written and Oral Production. GIST – Education and Learning Research Journal, (16), 6-32.
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