Podcasting: A Preliminary Classroom Study

  • Alexander Aristizabal Colegio Nueva Granada


Podcasting is a term introduced through the use of Apple Computer, Inc.’s iPod, a term which denotes how a portable audio player can be used to download audio files, mostly MP3s, and be heard at the user’s convenience. Initially such an operation was intended for entertainment; however, it has proven itself to be an important tool in the field of education as well. The research at hand constitutes a preliminary study for exploring the educational potential of podcasting and for presenting the basic technical and pedagogical skills needed for its implementation. This qualitative research uses as its instruments direct observation and informal interviews of students. The project was carried out with 25 students who were looking at a chemistry unit on aromatic compounds and it included the use of four podcasts. Even though the current study is taken from a science class, the applications of this technology can be useful in other subjects, particularly languages and social sciences.

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