Earnest Practices in Writing Processes

  • Margarita Arango Herrera Centro Colombo Americano ÚNICA
Keywords: writing skills, learning strategies, Task-Based Learning, writing process, Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach.


This article describes a study exploring the effects of instruction in learning strategies on students’ writing. The study specifically examines the use of brainstorming and categorizing using graphic organizers, as well as reviewing strategies. This study took place in an English program for children and teens in a bi-national center in South America. As the implementation was carried out, students completed three surveys and two questionnaires before and after implementing the writing strategies. Data collected also included students’ written pieces of work, as well as results of pre- and post-tests designed for the project. Results show that students improved text organization, and that their texts were clearer when using the learning strategies of brainstorming, categorizing and reviewing. The data also indicate that students on the whole perceived the strategies to be useful in their writing processes. These findings suggest that final written products can be improved if teachers train students with tools to enhance writing skills.
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