Exploring English Language Teaching in an Ecuadorian Urban Secondary Institution

  • Ximena Burgin
  • Mayra C Daniel
Keywords: Teacher Preparation, Multilingual Students, Multilingual Educational Context, English Language Teaching



This article presents a case study focused on the pedagogy of nine English language teachers’ pedagogy in Ecuador. The significance of this study is its potential to inform practitioners, teacher educators, and policymakers in countries where teachers need to be prepared to teach in multilingual settings, such as Ecuador. Data analyses of nine observations of practicing teachers seems to suggest the curriculum used to prepare English teachers does not fully meet the educational needs of teachers or students. Observations of secondary level English teachers were conducted using the Classroom Observation Checklist (2010). This instrument is useful to analyze teachers’ delivery of content, lesson organization, classroom interactions, verbal and non-verbal communication in the classroom, and integration of media during instruction. One major theme emerged from data analyses; English language teaching appears to follow teaching as a foreign language paradigm. The validation of the results of this exploratory study through the participation of a larger sample size of classroom teachers would be important to provide a more robust conclusion regarding teaching diverse student populations.


Author Biographies

Ximena Burgin
Ximena D. Burgin holds an Ed.D in Instructional Technology and an MS in Educational Research and Evaluation from Northern Illinois University. Her research interests relate to the implementation of research-based methodologies in the classroom to improve students’ academic outcomes. She has developed and evaluated a variety of state and federal programs in K-12 education and adult education, leading her to understand the impact of diverse interventions on academic achievement through the employment of different methodological techniques. She has also taught graduate research classes and she has mentored doctoral students throughout the dissertation process to completion.
Mayra C Daniel

Mayra C. Daniel, Professor at Northern Illinois University in De Kalb, IL, US, is the Bilingual Coordinator for the College of Education. Her work centers on preparing teachers to empower culturally diverse students and their families. She experienced second language acquisition by immersion because at age 10 she and her family fled Cuba to escape communism. Her parents left their homeland with little money but armed with the benefits that an education provides. Her research reflects her belief that all students must receive appropriate instruction to master English in classroom environments that embrace and applaud cultural difference.

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Burgin, X., & Daniel, M. C. (2017). Exploring English Language Teaching in an Ecuadorian Urban Secondary Institution. GIST – Education and Learning Research Journal, (14), 107-134. https://doi.org/10.26817/16925777.364
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