Tuning the Chords of Youth Identity: A Community-Based Project Focused on Music in English

Keywords: Identity, Community based pedagogy, (CBP), Critical Pedagogy (CP), music as a pedagogical tool


This is an exploratory case study implemented in a public school of Ibagué Colombia, that reports findings of a qualitative research. In this study tenth graders EFL students, explored into their local contexts, salient aspects of youth identity, that emerged from interaction with music in English. The study is framed on some basic principles of Critical Pedagogy (CP) and foundations of Community- Based Pedagogies (CBP). Content data analysis was used to examine the information obtained from the different tools of data collection: community mapping, questionnaires, recorded semi-structured interviews and notes in the teacher’s journal. Finally, member checking was implemented to validate data and to increase the credibility and validity of this qualitative study. Conclusions and pedagogical implications reveal how local inquiries focused on music in English become a source for language learning and enlighten curriculum designers and teachers towards the construction of a flexible curriculum with relevant content, oriented to youth identity exploration and understanding

Author Biography

Edna Mercedes Bonilla-Salazar, Universidad del Tolima, Colombia

holds a Specialization in English Language Teaching and a  B.A.  in English from Tolima University (Colombia).  She is candidate to an English Didactics Master’s degree from Universidad del Tolima. In the last two years, she worked on a Community Based research study named: Revealing tenth graders identity through  local inquiries focused on music in English, from  which  the  information  exposed  in  the  article is  part. She has been a teacher for twenty years and managed different types of audiences such as:  children, intermediate school   students   and   undergraduate   learners. She is currently a part time teacher in the college of Education at Tolima University, as well as full time teacher at Liceo Nacional de Ibagué (Colombia) where she is in charge of the direction of   the emphasis Discourse Management and English learning in the same institution. Her research interests are the sociocultural and intercultural dimensions of English  language  learning  and  teaching.

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