A Comparative Linguistic Analysis of English and Spanish Phonological System





Spanish, English, phonological patterns, vowel and consonant phonemes, syllable and sentence stress, pronunciation difficulties, didactic implications


This paper analyzes a few significant differences between Spanish and English in relation to phonological patterns. First, a short introduction is given about these two languages, and it is briefly explained in what linguistic aspects they are similar or different. Then, each of these linguistic features is analyzed in detail, clearly establishing the differences existing between Spanish and English. The specific phonological features that are addressed on this academic paper are vowel and consonant phonemes, diphthongs and triphthongs, as well as syllable and sentence stress. Furthermore, several pronunciation difficulties for Spanish speakers are discussed. Finally, some didactic implications are considered so that teachers can help their students of either language learn the second one considering important linguistic features.


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Author Biography

Juan Carlos Silva Valencia, Technical University of Ambato

He has a bachelor’s degree of Science in English Education and a master’s degree in TEFL. In addition, he has completed multiple courses to obtain several international certificates such as TKT, TEFL, CELTA and TESOL. Likewise, he has received numerous national qualifications in language teaching methodology. Moreover, he has more than 10 years of teaching experience and has worked at several institutions of both secondary and higher education. Currently, he works as an English teacher at the Technical University of Ambato. He is deeply interested in several academic fields like linguistics, specifically phonology, language teaching methodology, and digital learning.


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